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The first wine course is coming out soon! This month’s course is about Horse Heaven Hills, a remote region in Washington State that is making waves with their bold red wines. For this course we hand-selected some of the greatest (and the greatest value) wines from the region. You can actually buy the wines prior to the course and taste along while you learn.

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Red Wines From Horse Heaven Hills

typicity: Having distinctive qualities of a particular region.

We talk a lot about typicity when we plan the wine courses here at Wine Folly. Typicity is the thing that defines a wine’s unique regional characteristics, and it is the core to understanding wine. Horse Heaven Hills AVA is the ideal region to start learning about wines with typicity. Located in southeastern Washington, the wines produced from this region have traits you can literally see.

What Wine Folly Courses Include

The wine education segments are 6-part online video courses that include 3 regional/producer lessons as well as 3 specialized tastings. The first course on Horse Heaven Hills is free, and you can buy the wines below.

A remote region in Washington State that is making waves with their bold red wines

Introductory Wines

2008 Bombing Range Red & 2009 Columbia Crest H3 Merlot
Two wines that offer great value and show the complexities of the region. They are both extremely dark and an almost opaque color on the glass. These wines will stain your teeth. We’ll be taking a look at a wine that is from a large producer as well as a wine from a winery, McKinley Springs, who decided to produce their own wine that is a unique red blend.
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Advanced Wines

Soos Creek Champoux Jet Black Destiny Ridge Alexandria Nicole
These are some stand out wines from a region that is making world class collector wines. One of the wines we sourced from a 100 point Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard. The other is from an up-and-comer whose passion for syrah proves how well it can grow in Washington.
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