Grower Champagne Gift Set

The ultimate grower Champagne gift set for the holidays. Perfect for any Champagne enthusiast.
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Grower Champagne Gift Set – Free Shipping

For the holiday season we wanted to offer you a really really awesome wine gift. Our searches lead us to Fat Cork, an importer/retailer who focuses on bringing top-quality grower Champagne to the US. We’ve teamed up to offer you a Champagne gift set trio; three Champagnes that can’t be purchased anywhere else in the world, except in France.

What’s Included

Free shipping.
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Only 25 Available. Ever.

This gift set is very limited. There’s only 25 of the Adam-Jaegar 2004 Vintage Blanc de Blancs in the country. Bryan offered to open one for us but we refused! Every bottle is available to you; don’t miss out.

Planning a Party For the Holidays?

What better way to celebrate than to drink grower Champagne this holiday? Buy now in time for Thanksgiving, and don’t wait to get them for New Year’s. Free shipping is our gift to you.

Sophisticated and Approachable

When Bryan agreed to work with us and partner on the Champagne Gift set we picked wines that really excited us. These wines will appeal to the seasoned grower Champagne enthusiast as well as people new to the Champagne scene.

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