Thank You for Applying to Wine Folly


Thank you for applying to Wine Folly

Thank you for applying to for the role of Social Media Producer/Manager at Wine Folly.

Your work experience will be reviewed shortly. You can view the role description for the listing you applied to at this link. If you resend requested materials, be sure to provide everything together in one email.

Here is what you can expect from us:

Review Process

We will review all applications.

Interview Process

  1. Introductions (~15 min. on skype or google hangouts) You will meet the team. We’ll ask you a few questions about your job experience and answer any questions you may have regarding the specifics of the role.
  2. Interview One (~1 hr on skype or google hangouts) An interview detailing your work experience.
  3. Interview Two (tbd on skype or google hangouts) You’ll create a strategy and goal metrics and present it to the team.


Many talented individuals, like you, have applied for this position. If yours does not get selected, it doesn’t mean we were not impressed with your skills or accomplishments, it just means we’ve chosen an individual whose strategies and problem solving matches more closely to the mission of the position.

Thank you again for taking the time to apply. We appreciate your interest in our available position and in contributing to the success of Wine Folly. It means a great deal to us that you’ve taken the time to consider this role and apply.

Yours truly,

–Madeline Puckette