5 Merlot Wine Facts

Its been over 15 years since Sideways came out. Is that long enough? Here are 5 Merlot wine facts that will get you into the good stuff.

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Fried Chicken Wine Pairings

The best fried chicken wine pairing is Champagne. Find out what it is about this flavor pairing that’s so undeniably good and which sparkling wines to choose for the perfect pairing.

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About That Study on Pregnancy and Red Wine

If you enjoy a glass of wine before sex, it might do more than get you in the mood. Drinking more than 5 glasses of red wine per month has been associated with increased ovary productivity.

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Lodi Wine Guide (with Maps)

Lodi is a treasure trove of old vines and forgotten wine varieties. If there is one grape variety that defines Lodi wine, it’s Zinfandel.

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A Major Upgrade.

We rebuilt Wine Folly from the ground up – with over 2x the content. Ships September 2018.

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Get To Know The Wines of Bulgaria

Since you’re likely to see more of Bulgarian wine in coming years (especially if you’re on the East Coast or Europe), this introduction of the wines of Bulgaria will give you a leg up on what to look for.

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