Where Did Wine Come From?

No. It wasn’t France. Nor was it Italy. The most current evidence suggests that the first wines made with grapes originated in the Caucasus mountains

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A Major Upgrade.

We rebuilt Wine Folly from the ground up – with over 2x the content. Ships September 2018.

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Lambrusco Wines Worth Drinking

Today, the best Lambruscos are dry (secco) and barely sweet (semisecco) and almost always made in a semi-sparkling, frizzante, style. There are about 10 different varieties, but if you’re just getting into Lambrusco, here are the 4 high quality varieties to know

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Col Fondo: The Funky Side of Prosecco

The original Prosecco wasn’t the sweet, fruity bubbly we know today. Find out more about “col fondo” or “rifermentato in bottiglia,” a funky, cloudy Prosecco unlike any other.

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