How Buying Wine Compares To Buying Cars

A practical consumers guide to understanding wine pricing in terms of car models. Let’s face it, buying wine is hard, really hard. However, the majority of wine can be bracketed assuming you are making smart choices.

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The Champagne Spoon Trick Works.. If You Believe in Magic

The question is simple. Does a spoon in a bottle of Champagne preserve the bubbles? The technique of the champagne spoon trick is to put the handle of a spoon into an open champagne bottle so that it will preserve the bubbles for longer than if it was stoppered or left open.

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Simplify wine.

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How Unoaked Chardonnay can Reinvigorate the Varietal

Let’s take a closer look at unoaked chardonnay with its crisp and fruity character and learn why this style of chardonnay is growing a following. Discover the origin of ‘no oak’ chardonnay and who out there has great unoaked chardonnays. When looking for an unoaked chardonnay, look for these terms: ‘inox’, ‘no oak’, ‘sans chêne’ (France), and ‘acero’ (Spain).

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Cheese Bar: Wine and Cheese Pairings

Party organizers have been using cheater cheeses to make perfect wine pairings since the beginning of .. well.. cheese and wine pairings!? Anyhow, like a magician revealing his secrets, we betray the industry and let you in on the cheater cheeses that make perfect wine/food pairings for nearly any occasion.

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Sauvignon Blanc vs Chardonnay

There is a gap between white wine drinkers and red wine drinkers. It is like the gap between roller bladers and skateboarders or the choice of being a snowboarder or a skier. I say: here we are on a snowy mountain, who’s gives a shit…

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4 Traits of Wines That Age Well

What are the characteristics of wines that age well versus wines that don’t? Wine experts look at 4 characteristics in wine to determine how a wine will age..

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Wine Bottle Sizes

In terms of relativity, there is not a better way to compare wine bottle sizes than by looking at a smiling woman wearing kid gloves…

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