Love in the Cellar: Cold & Wet

A smiling Irish man is holding a wine thief full of a deep purple liquid. I want to call the wine Alice because she looks young and playful. He gestures towards me to hold up my glass and in goes dark Alice. The man doesn’t say much about her pedigree, he just looks at me with a half smirk and asks: “You want a standing orgasm?”

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Picking Champagne for New Years

What is all the excitement over grower champagnes? Typically grower-produced champagnes are offered at substantially lower prices than the big Champagne brands like Moet & Chandon and they are equally delicious. Here is a list of 7 of the best grower champagnes that you can actually find, buy and drink.

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A Major Upgrade.

We rebuilt Wine Folly from the ground up – with over 2x the content. Now Available!

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How to Wrap a Wine Bottle

When I spend upwards of $7.99 on a bottle of wine for a friend or party host, I don’t want to break the bank on gift wrapping. There is always the classic cheap wrap: stick the bottle in a pretty sack or just dangle a bobble around it’s neck. The classic leaves no room for surprise…

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