All About Vouvray Wine

Vouvray (“VOO-vray”) is a Chenin Blanc wine. It’s loved for it’s floral aromas and boisterous taste that will pucker your lips and make you wish for another sip.

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Say Hello to Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is a grown throughout the world, most notably in the Loire Valley of France and South Africa. What’s amazing about this variety is the diversity of styles, from sparkling wines and lean, dry whites to sweet, golden nectars and even fine brandy.

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The Ultimate Wine Themed Brunch

What started out as a good excuse to visit our chef friend turned into an outstanding recipe for a wine-inspired brunch–complete with a breakfast-friendly wine cocktail.

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A Major Upgrade.

We rebuilt Wine Folly from the ground up – with over 2x the content. Ships September 2018.

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All About Crémant Wine

Crémant is a group of sparkling wines made with the same technique as Champagne but from outside the Champagne region. This article details the 9 different Crémant wines of France and Luxembourg.

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The Mosel Valley Wine Guide

Choose wines with skill from the Mosel Valley and learn why this region has been considered the best place for Riesling in the world.

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