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Taking Baby Diaper Aromas in Chardonnay Too Far

Have you ever heard someone refer to French Chardonnay as having aromas of baby diaper? (Ehh, we must travel in different circles.) It’s time we get to the bottom of this (pun!) often strange reference. Yup, Madeline is going to tackle a hot baby diaper paired with a French Chardonnay.

Anything But Chardonnay

While some of us love the simplicity of walking up to a bar and blurting “CHARDONNAY PLEASE”, the rest of us want anything but. Chardonnay has a reputation for being a limpid introductory wine that smells like butter and lemons. Adult lemonade. Often in Old World wines the butter stench has a likening to old gym socks. The visceral aromas these wines off-gas are due to being slightly oxidized. Wines in this style are called oxidative wines.

Baby Diaper Wine Video

Oxidative Chardonnay smells like something the cat left on the doorstep. This kind of Chardonnay is not for the faint of heart. We like to call it baby diaper wine

Chardonnay: The Chameleon Grape

Chardonnay grows well in many different regions and has unique flavor characteristics depending on the climate. The grape’s ability to produce such a wide range of characteristics is often confusing for consumers, as the wine seems inconsistent. In the United States, most people associate Chardonnay with buttery textures and vanilla aromas because of their experience with California wines. However, this isn’t true for most of the Chardonnay produced outside of America. Chardonnay can be zingy and lime-like, similar to a pinot grigio when it’s unoaked and grown in a cooler region. While you may think you want Anything But Chardonnay, perhaps you just haven’t tried the right one yet.

There are a lot of Chardonnay haters out there and it could be because they smell a little bit like baby diapers. Dirty. Baby. Diapers. This happens a lot in this kind of wine, yeah, that’s a French Chardonnay. So that’s what I have in my glass today. This is some Meursault, ugh, redolent of baby diaper and lemon. They are oaked, and the oak mixing with the Chardonnay grape makes a very intense flavor, adds a little bit of earthiness to the scene, making it have a very footy smell. I thought I would take this to the ultimate test and see if it actually does smell like an actual baby diaper. So much trepidation. It’s a dirty baby diaper. I’m so scared… It’s so bad! Just kinda smells like lemons. Cream. I like Chardonnay, it’s good! If you don’t like Chardonnay, get a baby diaper close by, it will help. Oh god, why did you guys make me do this.

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