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Custom Crush at BYOB Vintners

BYOB Vintners Does Custom Crush in Seattle

What is custom crush? Custom crush is a service offered by a winery that gives people the opportunity to learn how to make wine without all the hassle. The winery produces and ages wines for an individual/client who pays for the juice, barrels and bottles before it even leaves the cellar. When the wine is ready, it’s professionally bottled for the client including custom labels and cases. This is exactly what BYOB Vintners offers in downtown Seattle.

DIY Wine Making: Skilled Enough to Blend Wine?

Wine makers tell me over and over again how blending the wine is one of the most exciting parts of wine making. This may be easy for them, but is wine blending something that anyone can do? For us wannabe-winemakers out there, BYOB Vintners does the hard part (making, testing, storing & bottling wine) so we can taste, test, and create our own custom wine blends. We didn’t trust Madeline to make the best blend, so we took this idea a step further and decided to hold a wine blending challenge because we won’t settle for mediocre swill!

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DIY Wine at BYOB Vinters

BYOB Vintners is in a warehouse that use to be a book bindery, located right on the river next to the Fremont bridge in Seattle, WA. There’s a fine dining restaurant at the facility (aptly named Book Bindery), a tasting room for their in house wine label Almquist Family Cellars and a distilled spirits facility. There is a lot happening over there, but if you go to the facilities BYOB it will all come into perspective immediately BYOB Vintners.  

Guest Jameson Fink

Wine expert, blogger, and all around good guy. Be sure to check out his site: Jameson Fink, Wine Without Worry!

Madeline: Hey, we’re here in Seattle, that’s Adobe offices over here. But right here is BYOB, blend your own barrel, it’s a city winery where you can make your own bottle of wine, or your own barrel. I’ve challenged local blogger Jameson Fink, and the wine assistant here, to make our own blend. Let’s check it out. Alex Shennum: My name is Alex, and I work here at BYOB winery, today my blend, I did dominately Malbec, but I was surprised and added just a little bit of the Merlot and a little bit of Cabernet Franc. I hope this is good. Madeline: So today I was going to make a blend of predominately Cabernet Sauvignon and a little bit of Malbec and just a touch of Cab Franc. But when I tried the wines, I was amazed at the Merlot. The Merlot was so tasty, it blew my mind. So for my blend, I ended up using 50% merlot, 25% malbec and 25% cabernet franc. It made me happy, it put a smile on my face. Jameson: Hi, my name is Jameson Fink, I’m a wine blogger. With my blend, I thought, being a Cab Franc fanatic, it’d just be total Cab Franc dominated. Then I ended up not using any of it. I actually had a 1/3 merlot, 1/3 malbec, and 1/3 cabernet sauvignon blend. Madeline: Time’s up. I hope it wins. Jameson: Hope it’s a winner. Alex: I hope I like it! Madeline: Ok who made C.. Jameson Fink you win! Jameson: Yessss! I will remain humble. Madeline: So what’s the winning blend? What makes a perfect blend? Jameson: My blend is 1/3 cabernet, 1/3 merlot, 1/3 malbec. Alex: Thank you Jameson Fink for your awesome talent! QDJHWGKWP75Y

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