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Real Wine Hater or Just Picky?

One day a friend of ours exclaimed that she was a wine hater. We put her to the test and forced her to try 4 wines to determine if she really hates all wines. After testing her, we tested her brother to see if wine aversion is a familial trait. Watch the video to see the highlights in Confessions of a Wine Hater.

Wine Hater Test Wines

Honestly, we thought this would be a slam dunk. Our anonymous ‘wine hater’ tried 4 very different styles of wines and the results were surprising. While our taster claimed to dislike all of our test wines, she did prefer 2 over the others.

  1. New World Red Wine Bombing Range Red -Most hated wine in the tasting
  2. Old World Wine Chateau de Montfaucon Cotes du Rhone -Second most hated wine
  3. New World Riesling Kung Fu Girl by Charles Smith Wines -liked the sweetness but hated acidity
  4. Cream Sherry Morenita Cream Sherry by Hidalgo -Liked the Sherry


Eh, yeah, she hates wine and her brother might be an alcoholic. Possibly a lost cause?

– I love wine bottles. I like everything artistic. I like to take wine bottles and turn them into candles. I like the labels, I think they are beautiful. I take the wine corks and turn them into tributes. So it’s more of an artistic expression rather than actually drinking wine. – We’re going to ask you try some wine today, how do you feel about that? – Ack, no! I think of vomit when I see it. I don’t understand the purpose of drinking it. You took something and waited for it to spoil and die adn then they gave it to people to drink. I don’t understand that. – I’m going to ask you to try this with me, and I’d like to hear your feedback. Maybe there is a chance that we can change your mind. – Well aesthetically, it looks like cloudy dishwater to me. Ugh. Much, much worst when in the mouth. Oh, that one is even worst. Vinegar is the primary thing that comes to mind. Like, chugging straight vinegar or some type of cleanser. – Do you get the aromas of vanilla? – No. That one didn’t burn nearly as much on the initial bite as much as the others. But now I know the wines I like look like used car oil. – We were concerned that it might be a heriditary thing. So we’ve asked your brother to come and try the wines. Thank you so much for joining us today. We were wondering because your her brother if there were some sort of familial relationship to whether or not wine is ok. – No, wine is delicious. – We’ll just start with the first one. – What color is that? – It’s red. – Ok. Yeah, gimme some! Ahh, no, keep it comming, I want some more. Don’t be greedy. Yeah, that’s delicious, that’s really good. Got something else? – I, uhm, well. I guess we could try the white wine. – If it’s got alcohol in it, it’s got to be good. – Well sir, this is more about tasting it. – No, I’m tasting it. I’m tasting the alcohol. – I’m not going to give you as much. – So this is a Riesling. It’s.. – Is this weaker? – Uh, it is a lighter in alcohol. It has a nice, well.. Uhm, are you getting any flavors? – It’s cold. Uh, yeah, it tastes like alcohol. Yeah, that’s good, it’s really good. Do you have anything else? – You know. I really don’t. – Ok, I gotta go then.

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