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How It Works 5-Steps

  1. Submit a pitch for an article about wine. (or related affinity)
  2. Wine Folly will review your submission.
  3. Get your idea approved and write the post.
  4. Your post is published including a beautiful mugshot and bio.
  5. Drink Champagne to celebrate your new-found internet fame.

Pitching an Idea Tips!

   We only accept unique, evergreen ideas.
   We give preference to educational content.
   We expect writers to participate in comments.
   We will provide custom graphics as necessary.
   Please do not pitch to write about your business.

Write Great Content

Wine Folly publishes unique, engaging, educational wine content. Our posts are typically 500-1,000 words, with either HD video or custom graphics. We want to work with people with the same passion for high quality content. Since not all pitches submitted will be accepted, you should try to pitch your best ideas. Before you submit an idea, think about these questions.

Is my idea unique, valuable and original?
Is my idea shareable, would it engage Wine Folly readers?
Can I offer insight and expertise on my idea?
Can I provide relevant context and examples that articulate my idea in an article?

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