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Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine has become an award-winning, essential online resource for learning about wine, attracting millions of wine beginners and professionals each month. In their long-anticipated book, the site’s creators offer a fresh, totally accessible guide to wine that combines sleek data visualization and understand-in-an-instant graphics. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine removes the snob factor and simplifies complex information on how to taste wine, how to spot great quality, how to find wines you’ll love no matter the occasion, and much more. Organized so that finding great wine is both easy and fun, Wine Folly includes:

  • A guide to wine fundamentals.
  • Profiles of the most popular wines as well as those under the radar.
  • A section on pairing wine and food.
  • A regional section, with detailed wine maps.
  • Advice on finding undervalued wines and wine regions.

Wine Folly is for anyone who loves great wine, pros and novices alike. With its candid and practical approach, it is the indispensable wine decoder for the twenty-first century.

The Wine Blends To Know

The Wine Blends To Know

Pay homage to the world's most famous wine blends with this beautiful print.

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