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20something The New Vintage 2011

Curious about 20something, the new vintage wine tasting event? So were we.. Luckily, they let us crash the party and record this video! Get a glimpse of this trendy red carpet party featuring 75 Washington winemakers mixing, mingling and pouring their delicious wines.

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Footage of host Madeline Puckette attending the November 19, 2011 event.

This is Madeline, I’m here at 20something The New Vintage in the Fremont area of Seattle. Tonight, it’s a wine party. With over 70 different Washington wines and dozens of Seattle’s best culinary vendors, I’m here to discover the coolest local food and wine this event has to offer.

Madeline: What is this thing on a stick?
Thomas: This is Thanksgiving on a stick. So we make a local sausage; from Link Lab, which is 5 blocks from here. We are Hook & Plow down at the Waterfront.
Madeline: What’s your name?
Thomas: I’m Thomas.
Madeline: I think this wants to go in someones mouth..
Thomas: I hope, I hope!

Mike: HO HO! My name is Mike Hein, I’m one of the owners of the Yellow Leaf cupcake company in Belltown. We’re here representing the best cupcake shop in Seattle. What makes us different than all the other cupcake shops? Two things, one we have 220 flavors of cupcakes that we make, and we also primarily use Italian buttercream on almost all of our cupcakes. Which is an egg white based frosting, it’s sweet without being sugary. Most other cupcake shops use American buttercream, which is sugar and butter, and most grocery stores also use that frosting. We felt that if you’re going to have a gourmet cupcake it better be something that you aren’t necessarily going to make at home. So we actually try as much as we can to make a gourmet perfect cupcake; and that’s what the Yellow Leaf is all about.

Madeline: It was easy to find food vendors with fancy display tables. But what about the wine? I found that wine people were the ones with purple glow sticks.

Phil Klein: I’m a grape grower, I’m not a winemaker. Most of the guys here today are winemakers. What I found out through my research is that grape growers are more fun than winemakers. Think about it, you know those guys work their tails off in their cellars, and it’s dark and wet and they gotta do all that work. While I’m out with the grapes and the sunshine.

Madeline: He makes a pretty good point about being a vineyard manager. So what about the other side of the wine business?

Madeline: So what got you into wine? You really don’t look like your typical sommelier.

Rina Bussel: A lot of the people I encountered were really stuffy about it. It was definitely an older crowd and I really thought to myself, working in the restaurant industry, I want to know everything there is to know about wine; and kinda bring it to people who are my age and really make it accessible, fun, sassy. I was actually going to school for architecture and someone said to me, you know, you’ve got a really great nose and palate, have you considered being a sommelier? .. and I’m like, what is that? Is that such a thing?

Madeline: There are a lot of young people here who are really curious about wine, and trying new things, and even people who would usually drink beer, who are now drinking wine. You get everyone together and you give them a whole lot of wine and you put them in a room with loud music. Oh 20something, enough said.

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