Horse Heaven Hills, WA

Producing some of the highest rated wines in Washington, Horse Heaven Hills is a small, relatively new AVA. You’ll explore their vineyards, its relative isolation from the public and the amazing potential of its lessor-known grapes. You’ll get the inside scoop on Horse Heaven Hills and try the wines of a region that has only just begun to shine.

Overview of Horse Heaven Hills

[wistia id=”4a7b1a3b6e” width=”960″ height=”550″ caption=”Horse Heaven Hills, WA. It’s a small, relatively new AVA that’s part of the much larger Columbia Valley.”]

Horse Heaven Hills, WA. It’s a small, relatively new AVA that’s part of the much larger Columbia Valley.

Varietals, History and Producers

[wistia id=”24f2034d98″ width=”960″ height=”550″ caption=”What grapes do they grow in the region and why? How the AVA was originally founded, where the noteworthy vineyards are and who the predominant winemakers are.”]

Introductory Tasting


[wistia id=”9d4ec8415b” width=”960″ height=”550″ caption=”2008 McKinley Springs Bombing Range Red captures the spirit of the region and sets the tone for the following tastings.”]

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[wistia id=”5d6c5615a1″ width=”960″ height=”550″ caption=”2010 Alexandria Nicole Jet Black Syrah provides the typicity of the region, setting the bar of expectation for wines of the area.”]

Premiere Tasting

[wistia id=”7240a01b8a” width=”960″ height=”550″]

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