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About This Course

Producing some of the highest rated wines in Washington, Horse Heaven Hills is a small relatively new AVA. We’ll explore their vineyards, its relative isolation from the public and the amazing potential of its lessor known grapes. You’ll get the inside scoop on Horse Heaven Hills and try the wines of a region that has only just begun to shine.

Overview of the Region

We’ll be exploring Horse Heaven Hills, WA. It’s a small, relatively new AVA that’s part of the much larger Columbia Valley.

Wine Tasting Journal

Wine Tasting Journal

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Varietals, History and Producers

What grapes do they grow in the region and why? How the AVA was originally founded, where the noteworthy vineyards are and who the predominant winemakers are.

Introductory Tasting

2008 McKinley Springs Bombing Range Red captures the spirit of the region and sets the tone for the following tastings.

Select Tasting

2010 Alexandria Nicole Jet Black Syrah provides the typicity of the region, setting a bar of expectation for wines of the area.

Premiere Tasting

2009 Soos Creek Champoux Cabernet Sauvignon is a champion among wines and showcases the regions potential.

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Choose Wine For Any Occassion

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