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Do you produce a special wine?

Is your wine amazing? Do you have a unique story? We are developing web-tasting videos that focus on single-variety wines and common blends (ie GSM, ‘Bordeaux Blend’ etc). If your wine shows typicity of your region we are interested in using it in the demonstrations. Sound like you?

Typicity Definition

a term in wine tasting used to describe a wine that reflects its origins, and thus demonstrates the signature characteristics of the grape and region from which it is produced.

Sample Requirements

If you are a distributer or US importer feel free to contact [email protected] directly. If you are a single winery within the US feel free to send us a bottle with the following information (if available):

  1. Technical data: location, varieties/vineyards, pH, acid, alcohol %, etc.
  2. Suggested retail price.
  3. Where the wine can be purchased.

Warning Submit wine at your own discretion. Wine Folly is not obligated to endorse, use, review, or drink wine submissions. Wine Folly reserves the right to ridicule horrible wine.

Please read the above.

Email Madeline Puckette
For wine sample address (please note this address is not a PO Box)
[email protected]

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South Africa's Wine Regions

South Africa's Wine Regions

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