Illustrated Grape Vine Training Methods

If you’ve ever driven through a vineyard area you may have noticed that some vineyards look different than others. Each vine training system offers different benefits to grapes.

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Complete Wine Color Chart

Observing color in wine will improve your mental repertoire for activities such as blind tasting, assessing wine quality and vintage. Use this chart to become familiar with the hue spectrum in wine and common terminology to describe wine color.

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Lifecycle of a Wine Grapevine

You may have heard the phrase “great wine is made in the vineyard” and it’s true! Great wines are made with great grapes. Let’s take a look at the lifecycle of a grapevine and learn how each step affects that year’s vintage.

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Wine Additives Explained

Let’s take a look at what additives are commonly used in winemaking. Some of them are useful for making great wine, and others could be more questionable. Either way, it’s useful to know what goes into what you drink. Winemaking is a fascinating balance of science and chemistry.

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The 4 Rosé Wine Varieties to Know (and Love)

Explore four top varieties used for rosé wine. While these wines may look similar in terms of color, they are a world apart when it comes to flavors and food pairings. Find out which style you’d like to try next.

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Champagne Flutes or Glasses?

The taste of Champagne is greatly affected by the shape of the glass! So, in order to have the best tasting sparkling wine, here’s a little insight on how to choose the right glasses for your Champagne preference.

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