A Simple Guide to Wines of Umbria

Bordering on Tuscany and right above Rome is the lessor known and lessor traveled region of Umbria. It’s here where you’ll find some of the most amazing, delightfully undervalued Italian wines…

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A Primer to Bordeaux Wine

Bordeaux (“Bore-doe”) refers to a wine from Bordeaux, France. Over 90% of Bordeaux wines are red wines made with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This article will introduce you to Bordeaux wine including tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and key details to know.

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Treasure Map of West Coast Syrah

The west coast of the United States offers several pristine climates for producing outstanding Syrah wine. See where they grow best and learn about the unique wines from each region.

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Hungarian Wine For The Win

Get to know Hungarian wines with an introduction of 4 of Hungary’s most intriguing wine regions: Tokaj, Villány, Eger and Nagy Somló.

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All About English Wine

If you’re curious about the growing buzz around English wine, this introductory guide to the wines of England will help you get to know the major emerging regions, grapes varieties and styles that are putting England on the map.

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Alsace Wine: A Guide For Oenophiles

Learn how to find great Alsatian wines on your own by understanding the region’s wine classification system. You’ll learn about the styles of Alsatian wines but also get to make sense of how the varied soils affect top wines including Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris.

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Spanish Wine Exploration Map

Wondering where look for great Spanish wine? As you can imagine, getting into the wines of Spain can be a wee bit intimidating. Instead of giving up, start with this fun list of 16 wines that represent the best of what Spain has to offer.

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Drink Your Way Through Austrian Wine

Austrian wines lean towards tart, herbaceous flavors in a style more akin to France. Find out what’s hot and what wines are worth drinking from this tiny, high quality region.

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