Helpful Tips and Tricks

Brush up on your basic wine skills of opening, serving, and tasting wine.

Here’s the list of course videos on tips and tricks:

  1. Open a bottle with a standard “waiter’s friend” corkscrew.
  2. Try decanting over a tea light candle to stop sediment from entering the decanter.
  3. Understand what you’re looking at when you look at the color of wine.
  4. Get insights on “wine legs,” also known as the Gibbs-Maragoni phenomenon!
  5. Learn some tactics on picking out flavors in wine with your nose.
  6. Get more details on how to test for quality when you’re tasting a glass of wine.

Closed Captioning Videos in this Section
  1. Opening a Bottle of Wine
  2. How to Decant Wine
  3. How to Observe Wine Color
  4. Tips of Finding Aromas in Wine
  5. What to Look For When Tasting Wine

Wine Styles Wine Tasting Course with Wine Folly

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