The 2014 Wine Buying Cheat Sheet

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The 2014 Wine Buying Cheat Sheet

It’s time to tune your wine smarts and get the latest buying tips for the year. Besides this free eGuide, here are a few other useful guides that will inspire you to drink better wine:

  1. The Visual Guide to Wine
  2. Wine Descriptions and what they mean
  3. 20 Famous Wine Blends to Know

Let’s take a look at what the cheat sheet has to offer:


QUESTION: What regions should I look for if I don’t want to spend more than $20 on a full-bodied earthy wine?

ANSWER: Check out undervalued red wines from the South of France

Based on the information from the Cheat sheet, perhaps you should be looking for a wine from the Languedoc-Roussilon or South West France. These will fit the taste profile you’re looking for.

Words For Wine

Words For Wine

Learn the language of wine on this useful-and-beautiful print.

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Why is ‘Cool Climate’ Earthy?

‘Cool Climate’ and ‘Warm Climate’ refer to regions in terms of how weather affects the taste of wine. ‘Cool Climate’ regions tend to produce wines that are more elegant and earthy whereas ‘Warm Climate’ regions tend to produce wines that are more fruit-forward. Neither is better than the other, however each region has its benefits:

Warm Climate
  • Fruit forward
  • Bold body with higher alcohol
  • ‘Sweet’ finish
  • Lower acidity
  • Does not age as well
Cool Climate
  • Age worthy
  • Lighter bodied with long finish
  • More acidity and lower alcohol
  • ‘Tart’ finish
  • less fruit flavors

BENEFITS: Wine Buying Cheat Sheet


1Easy Navigation
Organized by style (9 styles altogether) for easy navigation.
2Wine Varieties Listed
Common wine varieties listed within each style (e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon in ‘Bold Red’)
3Fruit-forward vs. Earthy
Quickly differentiate between fruit-forward and earthy wines based on climate type.
4Budget friendly
Check out Undervalued regions for wines under $20. Popular regions offer benchmark examples.
5Wine Handling Basics
A section on the major differences between storing and serving red and white wine.
6Get more information
Quick links to more information from Wine Folly’s content.



Flavors in Wine Demystified

Flavors in Wine Demystified

Identify flavors in wine with this handy aroma wheel

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