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Best Wine T-Shirt – Contest & Voting

Wine no longer only lives in stodgy button downs and collared pique shirts. It has finally become a casual enjoyment for weeknights. So, what kind of t-shirt would you wear while you’re relaxing and sipping on some Syrah?

Winning T-Shirt design now available

Pick Your Favorite

Here is your chance to input your opinion. We created 4 wine tee designs and want to see which one you like best! Vote below for your favorite wine t-shirt design below. After you vote enter the contest to win a free t-shirt! (see details below)

  • 1) Team Solo Cup
  • 2) Stay Classy
  • 3) Wine Folly Script
  • 4) Classy (no figure)

T-Shirt Giveaway for Newsletter Subscribers

Once a favorite t-shirt design is chosen we will be giving away FIVE free t-shirts to our newsletter subscribers. So signup below for a chance to win. (You don’t even have to vote – but wouldn’t you prefer to win the t-shirt you really want?)

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