Turn your digital wine life into real world tasting event! Wine Folly is proud to be a media sponsor of this year’s Wine Riot 2.0. This year’s event hits 6 cities in the US and offers fun, educational seminars, tastings, and so much more.

Wine Riot 2.0 is your opportunity to taste wines from regions all over the world, stump your local sommelier, compete in wine challenges with friends, and of course, practice your spittoon-aiming skills. Join the revolution, and riot with us! Find an event near you

Wine Riot 2.0 Events

In its eighth year, Wine Riot is back on its tasting tour expanding to six U.S. Cities. In 2019, we bring Wine Riot 2.0, a tasting revolution with a twist!

Los Angeles

June 1

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September 13-14

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Washington DC

November 16

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November 22-23

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Feel Prepared Your Wine Tasting

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