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Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned sommelier, Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide is your guide to wine.


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A major upgrade.

Since the first edition, we rebuilt Wine Folly from the ground up – with over 2x the content. This is your quick reference guide to wine, whether you’re just getting started or an industry professional.

Take a look inside…

Actionable techniques on how to taste and develop your palate.

Tools and exercises to fundamentally grasp the concepts to pairing food and wine.

A more complete reference guide including 100 wine profiles, 35 regional wine maps, 246 regional wine profiles, hundreds of wine terms and classifications, and much, much more.

What they said about The Magnum Edition…

This book absolutely blew my mind on the in depth knowledge that it has, all while making it very easy to read.

Tucker C.

I just finished taking the WSET level 3 class and this book covers a lot of what I had learned from the class. Definitely worth every penny!

Eric C.

This is a great book for all levels of wine expertise, but I have found it to be especially good for teaching our new employees the basics of wine knowledge, grape varieties, and the regions they are grown while we taste wines with our crew.

Dan M.

I reference it constantly. The book even helped me win a blind tasting contest.

William H.

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What’s Included

The hardcover second edition of Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide.

A custom-etched universal crystal wine glass. Made in Austria. (18.25 oz / 540 ml)

A custom-designed oversized microfiber wine glass polishing cloth. Printed with glass compendium. (22 x 28 inches)

A custom-designed wine tasting journal for 80 wines. Printed on FSC Certified paper. (100 gsm weight paper)

A custom-imprinted double-action sommelier’s wine opener. Designed by the winemaker at Clos de Coutale in Southern France.

Additional Bonus Items

Wine & Food Pairing Exercise (download)

Wine & Cheese Party Kit (download)

Comparative Tasting Kit (download)

Printable Tasting Mats (download)

Satin Bookmark

About The Authors

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide was written by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack. Madeline Puckette is a sommelier, designer, and author. Justin Hammack is a digital strategist and entrepreneur.

Additionally, we must mention that this work wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a passionate team!

  • Illustrations, infographics, and maps were created by Madeline Puckette and Federica Fragapane.
  • Expert editors included Hilary Larsen, Kanchan Schindlauer, and Haley Mercedes.
  • Additional data and editing work was provided by Mark Craig and Vincent Rendoni.
  • Business development and analysis by Ben Andrews.
  • Cover art by Nick Misani.

International Editions Are Coming!

We have confirmation that Wine Folly: Magnum Edition will be published in the following languages:

British English: Michael Josephrelease October 4, 2018
Dutch: Karakter Uitgeversrelease November 15, 2018
Chinese: (complex – Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau) Cube Pressrelease TBD
Italian: Vallardirelease TBD
Japanese: NihonbungeishaOctober 2019
German: Heyne VerlagTBD
Russian: AzbookaWinter 2019

Errors & Omissions

First Printing

Page 15: Garganega listed twice in wines by body graphic.
Page 47: Traditional Method Sparkling: “Liqueur de Tirage” and “Liqueur d’Expedition” are reversed.
Page 68: Garganega listed twice on Wines by Style graphic.
Page 102: “An American grape of the native Vitis labrusca species…” (not “Lambrusca”)
Page 115: Largest Gewürztraminer producing region is France (Alsace) not Argentina.
Page 170: Sherry is required to age a minimum of 2 years not 3. (since 2011.)
Page 170: “Xérès” not “Xerex.”
Page 170: Infographic shown indicates a 3-criadera solera (not 4).
Page 214: “Apalta” not “Apaltagua” under heading Cabernet Sauvignon.
Page 223: On Bordeaux map Sauternais area has Cérons and Loupiac listed with swapped locations.
Page 225: On Burgundy map under Beaujolais should read “Morgon” not “Morgan.”
Page 254: Moscato Bianco tasting notes should read “Orange Blossom, Mandarin Orange, Ripe Pear, Lychee, Honeysuckle”
Page 256: Soave tasting notes should read “Lemon, Green Pear, Green Almond, Chervil, White Peach”
Page 259: On map “Chianti Colli Aretini” not “Chianti Colli Arentini”
Page 299: On map the closest AVA to Portland should say “Columbia Gorge” not “Columbia Valley.”

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