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January 2, 2012 Blog » Wine Tips & Tricks » How to Open Champagne

Are you afraid that your bottle of champagne is going to explode in your face? We’ll show you how to open champagne, confidently and safely. Take a look to see how Madeline fared against an explosive bottle of sparkling wine. Don’t come crying to us if you repeat this at home and it goes horribly wrong.

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How to Open Champagne Transcript:

Madeline: We are going to quell your greatest fears…
Justin: I don’t think you need to tell them that, I think you need to show them that.
Madeline: Hi! My name is Madeline Puckette and I’m here to show you how to open a bottle of champagne, confidently and safely. Champagne is under a lot of pressure, about 100 psi. That’s about seven times a bottle of beer. But not to worry.. with these four steps you too can open champagne confidently and safely.

My friend over here has been trying to make it hard on me, so, just for a little extra safety measure, I’m going to put on a pair of these.

First, remove the foil. Since this was shaken rather vigorously I’m going to place this napkin over the cork and cage. Second, loosen the cage. And at this point, do not remove your thumb from the cage. Simply because that is the only thing that is holding this cork in here right now. Now what you will do is put your hand over the cork and cage and rotate the bottle. I don’t think you shook this enough.

I’m going to push back equally with my hand and let it pop. That wasn’t so bad.

It might explode… okay.

Justin: well we were basically asking for that…

Chad: at least we got it!

Footage of host Madeline Puckette showing how to open champagne.

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