Are You a Wine Geek? (Poster)

March 4, 2013 Blog » Wine News & Entertainment » Are You a Wine Geek? (Poster)

What is a wine geek? And why are they different (and much more tolerable) than wine snobs?

Wine Geek (wīn gēk)

A person with an eccentric devotion to alcoholic drinks made from fermented grape juice.

A wine geek doesn’t “only drink Pinot Noir” nor do they limit themselves to blue chip wines. A true wine geek has boundless enthusiasm for finding all kinds of wine–from undervalued gems to wines from a unique origin. It’s nice to have a wine geek close by because they love to introduce their friends to new wines (means more for you!).

We’d like to pay a little homage to all the wine geeks out there.

Wine Geek Poster

Wine Geek Poster

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By Madeline Puckette
I'm a certified wine geek with a passion for meeting people, travel, and delicious food. You often find me crawling around dank cellars or frolicking through vineyards.