It’s actually quite difficult to buy gifts for wine lovers. Everyone has their own particular sense of taste in wine. For that reason this guide focuses on universally great wine gifts for any wine drinker.

Affordable Wine Gifts Under $40

Smoked Chardonnay Sea Salt

Smoked Chardonnay Sea Salt $4

This is crack for foodies.
Available on Aprés Vin

Wooden Handle Corkscrew

Drink Thermometer $10

For any drink enthusiast, from coffee to red wine. Open your wine bottle, stick this in and put it in the fridge until it reads the proper temperature.
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Wooden Handle Corkscrew

Wooden Corkscrew $12

This wooden handle model is based on the Pulltaps design which has become an industry standard for waiter’s friends. A quality product that’s a pleasure to use.
Available on Wine Folly

Billionaire's Vinegar

Billionaire’s Vinegar $12

A narrative and a true story about one of the biggest wine scams. It’s a great winter read, especially curled up with wine.
Available on Amazon

Riedel Polishing Cloth

Riedel Polishing Cloth $12

Flour sacks for polishing wine glasses are great. However, a Riedel polishing glass just ‘feels’ better. It’s an indulgence.
Available on Amazon

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Vacu Vin Wine Saver $12

One of the most convenient ways to store open wine. Easy to use. Just pump out the air until you hear a click.
Available on Wine Folly

Wine Bottle Paper Tags

Wine Bottle Tags $13

Even if you run an excel document connected to cellartracker there’s nothing easier than slapping ‘drink in 2016′ or ‘MINE’ on a bottle.
Available on Amazon

Purse-sized Wine Away

Wine Stain Remover $13

Purse-sized wine away. Useful if you or someone you love is prone to accidents. Keep one in the car glove compartment.
Available on Amazon

Ninja Sword Champagne Saber

‘Ninja’ Champagne Saber $16

Who needs a saber when you can use a ninja sword? Relevant: How to saber Champagne. I promise you, it will work the same, if not better than a Lagioule.
Available on Amazon

Wine Coaster

Wine Coaster $20

Keep wine drips off tables with a stylish wine coaster. Handy to have around when you’re feeling classy.
Available on Amazon

Compte Extra

‘Cheater’ Cheeses Trio ~$25/lb

Get a set of the 3 perfect cheater cheeses: Comte Extra, Abbaye de Belloc and Colombier.
Local cheesemonger or Murray’s Cheese

Chardonnay Fumé Oil

Chardonnay Fumé Oil $25

Old chardonnay vines are smoked into this 100% chardonnay grape seed oil.
Available on Aprés Vin


Monopol $29

The original German engineered Monopol. The best tool for opening vintage wine.
Available on Amazon

1997 Reserva Rioja $30

Classic Rioja wine. People seek out the dusty fig goodness found in wines over 10 years old. The ’97s are delicious.
Available on KL Wines

Leather Bicycle Wine Bottle Carrier $33

For the hipster who wants to arrive prepared.
Available on Etsy

Handmade Glass Wine Decanter/Pourer

Handmade Glass Wine Decanter $36

Somewhere in the Sierra Nevada foothills is a guy named Victor making one of the most interesting wine decanter/pourers.
Direct from Gallicchio Glass

Extraordinary Gifts $40 and up

Spigelau Vino Vino Glasses $45

Exceptional glass for a fair price. A premium set of Bordeaux stemware for someone with a growing interest in wine.
Available on Amazon


2010 Chateauneuf-du-Pape $47

Chateauneuf-du-Pape is special because it’s a blend of 13 different grapes all grown in the Pope’s backyard (to be fair that was back in 1398). Domaine Saint Siffrein is a small producer who makes an outstanding 2010 vintage.
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1990 de Pez Bordeaux

1990 de Pez Bordeaux $59

Bordeaux is known for wines that age well (in this case 20+ years!). This wine will tell you something special about how wine ages. Expect tobacco notes and decant for at least one hour.
Available on K&L Wines

2002 Kay Brothers Shiraz

2002 Kay Brothers Shiraz $99

What if you don’t care about the new-fangled craze of elegant wines and you truly want one of the most epic fruit-forward wines in existence? Then you want Kay Brothers Shiraz.
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Wine Barrel Lazy Susan $124

Cross your fingers and hope for a fancy retired Damy or Nadalié wine barrel top. Love the smell.
Available on Uncommon Goods

1980 Warre's Vintage Port

1980 Warre’s Vintage Port $89

A perfectly aged vintage Port is something that you will remember your entire life.
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Wine Cruzer $280

Travel with your favorite wine. This is the trunk of a committed enthusiast. Complete with a James Bond indestructible hard case.
Direct from Wine Cruzer

Coravin $299

Do you maintain a library collection of wine? This tool allows you to sample a wine without opening it. Taste test a wine over several years?
Direct from Coravin

Vinowall $1,100

Cover your walls with the kind of art that you can drink. Vinowall is currently in the crowd funding stage. The walls are designed and built by aluminum specialists in Cape Town, South Africa.
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Wine Cellar $1,400

Not everyone can have a beautiful underground cellar. The next best thing is a standing compressor driven cooler.
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120+ Wine Descriptors

Available as an 18" x 24" art print.
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