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Getting Started Beginner Gifts

Wooden Handle Corkscrew

Wooden Corkscrew $12

This wooden handle model is based on the Pulltaps design which has become an industry standard for waiter’s friends. A quality product that’s a pleasure to use.
Available on Amazon or Wine Folly

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Vacu Vin Wine Saver $12

One of the most convenient ways to store open wine. Easy to use. Just pump out the air until you hear a click.
Available on Amazon or Wine Folly

Basic Wine Guide Poster

Basic Wine Guide $24

This guide relates common themes in a simple modern design such as wine calories, alcohol level, wine color, aroma and decoding a wine label.
Available on Wine Folly

Drink Thermometer

Wine Glass Set (4) $29

Solid everyday wine glasses that are treated with titanium for durability. A great starter set. Beak resistant and dishwasher safe.
Available on Amazon

Essentials for Enthusiasts Intermediate Experience

Basic Wine Decanter

Glass Wine Decanter $36

Decanting wine, especially affordable wine, will actually improve the flavor. All you have to do is pour wine in and wait about 15–30 minutes.
Available on Amazon

Drink Thermometer

Drink Thermometer $10

For any drink enthusiast, from coffee to red wine. Open your wine bottle, stick this in and put it in the fridge until it reads the proper temperature.
Available on Amazon

Wine Coaster

Wine Coaster $20

Keep wine drips off tables with a stylish wine coaster. Handy to have around when you’re feeling classy.
Available on Amazon

Wine Aerator

Decantus Wine Aerator $39

This aerator claims it produces the smallest bubbles on the market and reduces sulfur compounds by 56 percent.
Available on Amazon


Monopol $29

The original German engineered Monopol. The best tool for opening vintage wine.
Available on Amazon

Advanced Food Wine Poster

Adv. Food Wine Poster $24

An expanded food and wine chart that offers 300+ pairings. An elegant solution that can be used again and again.
Available on Wine Folly

Austrian Crystal

Austrian Crystal (6) $55

Crystal at a great value. Made from one continuous pulled stem for added durability.
On Amazon in Red or White sets.

Wine Bottle Paper Tags

Wine Bottle Tags $13

Even if you run an excel document connected to cellartracker there’s nothing easier than slapping ‘drink in 2016’ or ‘MINE’ on a bottle.
Available on Amazon

Wine Filter $10

The removable fine-mesh strainer filters out impurities, while the eight tiny holes in the neck of the funnel aerate the wine.
Available on Amazon

Wine Rack

Wine Rack (120 btl.) $120

Bare bones large format storage for the enthusiast with too much wine.
Available on Amazon
Alternative on Amazon

Single Serving Decanter

il Decanto $39

Single serving decanter. Convenient for limited spaces and instant satisfaction. Custom personalization availalbe.
Available on Amazon

Zalto Denk'Art Glass

Zalto Denk’Art Glass (1) $60

One glass to rule them all. Drinking wine out of a Zalto universal is like sucking wine out of thin air. A fine line between decadence and sensibility.
Available on Amazon

Expert & Specialty Items Wine Overlords

Port Tongs

Port Tongs $175

Have a rotten cork in an old bottle? No problem; just cut the neck off the bottle.
Watch a video.
Available on Wineware

Port Wine Glasses

Port Glasses (6) $68

Perfect for wine lover that has everything. Designed by master Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza. Use with Sherry, Madeira, Moscato, Vin Santo, Sauternes, etc.
Available on Amazon

Wine Cooler *varies*

Finding the perfect wine cooler can be an adventure. Here is an example of what to look for.
Available on Amazon

Gladius Sword Champagne Saber

Roman Prosecco ‘Saber’ $36

Cut through a bottle of bubbly like Lucius Vorenus. Relevant: How to Saber Wine. Use it at your own risk.
Available on Amazon

Riedel Lead-Crystal

Riedel Lead-Crystal $300+

Riedel has created several gravity bending crystal glass decanters. The crossroads of art, form, and function.
Selection on Amazon

Wine Chiller/Server

Nambé Wine Chiller $120

A bottle of sauvignon blanc or prosecco stays chilled in this thick-walled server considerably longer than it would in a similar ceramic container.
Available on …

120+ Wine Descriptors $24

Explore over 120 descriptors that are commonly used in tasting wine. All of the descriptions are organized by type and include many subtle details.
Available on Wine Folly

Wine Grape Book

THE Wine Grapes Book $115

This is not for the beginner. This is an encyclopedia of wine varietals for die-hard wine experts. Big book, small font, dry content, and very valuable!
Available on Amazon/Kindle

Related Lifestyle Products Fun with Wine

Napa Soap Company

Wine Soap $20+

When you’re done drinking wine; wash yourself in it! Check locally for wine soap, there are lots of options out there.
Available on Amazon

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan $124

Cross your fingers and hope for a fancy retired Damy or Nadalié wine barrel top. Love the smell.
Available on Uncommon Goods

Famous Wines Poster $24

Ever wonder what grape varieties are in Bordeaux or Amarone? This elegant chart shows what’s inside famous wine blends of the world.
Available on Wine Folly

Govino Travel Glasses

Govino Travel Glasses $

Wine glasses, champagne flutes, cocktail glasses and even a decanter for when you’re on the go and need to savor a glass of wine.
Available on Amazon

Leather Bicycle Wine Bottle Carrier $33

For the hipster who wants to arrive prepared.
Available on Etsy

Brass Corkscrew

Replica Brass Corkscrew $230

Open a bottle of wine like John Adams with this daring Italian made reproduction rack and pinion style corkscrew.
Available on Amazon

Compte Extra

‘Cheater’ Cheeses Trio ~$25/lb

Get a set of the 3 perfect cheater cheeses: Comte Extra, Abbaye de Belloc and Colombier.
Local cheesemonger or Murray’s Cheese

Wine Bladder

Wine Bladder $8

Glass not allowed? Transfer your wine to a convenient wine bladder. Perfect for beaches, camping, and adventuring.
Available on Amazon

Magna Wine Comic

Manga Wine Comic $10

A struggling young Kanzaki Shizuku learns that his estranged wine critic father has passed away and left a substantial estate. Shizuku must correctly blind taste 13 mystery wines to receive his fortunes.
Available on Amazon

Wine Tote

Neoprene Wine Tote $15

A great bottle of wine can be the life of the party. Make sure and serve it at the correct temperature with a convenient wine tote.
Available on Amazon

Different Types of Wine

Different Types of Wine $24

Browse a comprehensive visual guide to all of the major types of wine. May increase your appetite for wine.
Available on Amazon

Soy Wax

Rewind Soy Candle $20+

You can pick from Cabernet, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and even herbaceous smells like Sauvignon Blanc and Carmenere. Handmade by cool people in Charleston, SC
Available on Amazon

Ultimate Wine Gifts End Game

Wine Cruzer $280

Travel with your favorite wine. This is the trunk of a committed enthusiast. Complete with a James Bond indestructible hard case.
Direct from Wine Cruzer

Coravin $299

Do you maintain a library collection of wine? This tool allows you to sample a wine without opening it. Taste test a wine over several years?
View/Buy on Amazon

GetStact Wine Wall $129/unit

Turn your drinking wine into wall art with a modular wine rack system. Just be careful to keep them out of direct light!
Check out


120+ Wine Descriptors

Available as an 18" x 24" art print.
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