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Piedmont’s most famous red wine is made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes. Its translucent brick-red color, deceptively light body, and floral aromas contrast its dense tannin structure.

Primary Flavors

  • Raspberry

  • Cherry

  • Rose

  • Tar

  • Licorice

Taste Profile

  • Bone-Dry
  • Full Body
  • High Tannin
  • High Acidity
  • 13.5–15% ABV


  • Serving Temp Room
    60–68°F / 16–20°C
  • Glass TypeAroma Collector
  • Decant 1 Hour
  • Ageability10+ years
  • Avg Price $68.00

Food Pairing

It's rigid tannins and delicate floral aroma profile make Barolo ideal for subtle-but-rich foods like truffle risotto, handmade pasta and thinly sliced charcuterie.

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