• Grape
  • kall-lum-bar

This fairly neutral grape, once preferred solely for brandy production (notably Armagnac) is planted globally. Generally blended with other grapes, easy-drinking table wines result.

Taste Profile

  • Dry
  • Light Body
  • Low/None Tannin
  • High Acidity
  • 11.5–13.5% ABV


  • Serving Temp Cold
    45–55°F / 7–13°C
  • Glass TypeWhite
  • Decant No
  • Ageability1-3 years
  • Avg Price $13.00

Food Pairing

Colombard is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay to produce a tart, mouth-watering white that pairs excellently with lighter fair from salads to sushi.

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