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Terms of Agreement

The Wine Folly website content and design, as well as created products, are protected under copyright. We welcome the sharing of content found on our site by non-commercial entities only, under the guidelines outlined below.


Summary: Give us credit.

You must cite the original source in every place our content is used; and include a ‘dofollow’ link if possible. This cannot in any way suggest that we endorse you or the use of our work.


Summary: Don’t sell our stuff or use it for your commercial business profit.

Wine Folly permits others to copy, distribute and transmit the work. In return, licensees may not use the work for commercial purposes without permission. Contact us to license for commercial use.


Summary: Use the same license.

Wine Folly permits others to distribute derivative works only under the same license. Meaning if you use our content, then you have to allow others to use it and any deritives too.

Social Media

Summary: Attribute Wine Folly.

If re-posting or sharing our content (text and/or images) on social media sites (including but not limited to) Instagram and Facebook, we ask that you attribute the content back to Wine Folly (Instagram= @winefolly).

Misuse Help us.

We work hard to provide you original, exciting content, free of charge to you. If you see any products of our work being misused or a failure to attribute Wine Folly works back to Wine Folly, please help us by letting us know. We can be reached at

Tips to link a source/image/video

After you ensure you are in compliance with the stated rules, follow these tips to link to Wine Folly sources, images and videos.

How to Cite a Source HTML Example

Use The Full URL & Title
Original Source: <a href="" rel="dofollow">Learn the Trick to Clinking Wine Glasses</a>

How To Insert Images

Collect the following information. Example based on page displayed below.

Source URL
Source Title
9 Steps to Becoming a Wine Expert
High-Res Image URL

HTML Example

<img src="[Image URL Here]" />
Original Source: <a href="[Source URL]" rel="dofollow">[Source Title]</a>
How to Embed a High Resolution Image

How to Embed Video

Collect the Source Title and Source URL as explained above.

  1. Below The Video Click Embed
  2. Copy Embed Code to Clipboard
  3. Add Source Information as Outlined Below
[Paste Embed Code Here]
Original Source: <a href="[Source URL]" rel="dofollow">[Source Title]</a>
How to Embed Video

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