Washington Syrah vs Australian Shiraz (Video)

Syrah (aka Shiraz) originally comes from France and is actually related to Viognier! Find out more about this boisterous, bold red wine while tasting wines from Australia and Washington State.

Grab a glass and follow along!

The Wines


Ex Umbris Syrah (by Owen Roe) Columbia Valley, Washington 2017
  • pH: 3.85
  • Total Acidity: 6.8 g/L
  • RS: 0 g/L
  • Alcohol: 14.1%
  • Price: $21

Look: Looks to be a deep purple color with a slight blueish tinge on the rim of the glass. Perhaps this means lower acidity?

Smell: On the nose this wine has high-toned flavors of mushy, sweet blueberries, black raspberries, and Hawaiian punch.

Taste: On the palate the fruits taste more tart and fresh. On the mid-palate, the tannins are very fine and soft which leads into rich, warmth of alcohol. Unfortunately, there is a funny tin can-like aftertaste. (Maybe need to decant longer?)


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Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz (by Mollydooker) McLaren Vale, Australia 2015
  • pH: 3.59
  • Total Acidity: unknown
  • RS: 3.6 g/L
  • Alcohol: 17%
  • Price: $55

Look: Deep red color and very opaque. (see color chart)

Smell: Smells like blackberry pie, figs, subtle notes of white pepper, vanilla, and sweet tobacco.

Taste: On the palate, the fruits are more red, like black cherries with blackberries that burst with initial acidity and lead into soft tannins and a rich, tingling alcoholic finish. On the aftertaste it has oaky notes of cedar and sweet tobacco. Definitely a huge wine.

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