Petite Sirah

peh-teet sear-ah

Petit Sirah is loved for its deeply colored wines with rich black fruit flavors and bold tannins. The grape related to Syrah and the rare French grape, Peloursin. The French call it “Durif” but this wine is rare outside of California.

Primary Flavors

  • Sugarplum
  • Blueberry
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Black Pepper
  • Black Tea

Taste Profile


Full Body

High Tannins

Medium Acidity

Over 15% ABV


    60–68°F / 15-20°C


    1 Hour

    10+ Years

Food Pairing

Given the wines sometimes aggressive tannins, Petite Sirah will do well matched with fat and umami – be it steaks from the grill or a plate of beef stroganoff.

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