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12 Spooky Wine Labels for Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve is nigh!

Here are 12 popular wine producers who are known for their wines with spectacularly spooky labels. Forget the sweets. Wine is adult candy.

Halloween wines with spooky labels, curated by Stacy Slinkard

  1. Chronic Cellars “Dead Nuts” Find

    Zinfandel Blend
    From the heart of Paso Robles, brothers Josh and Jake Beckett have given voice to regional wines that speak volumes in term of quality fruit and easy-going style. Expect this Zinfandel-dominated blend to dance to the beat of a heady mix of blackberry, cherry, and raspberry-driven fruit themes that match any day of the dead celebration.

  2. Charles Smith “The Velvet Devil” Find

    A popular Washington Merlot that you can enjoy any day of the year, but one that is particularly catchy on All Hallows’ Eve: the Velvet Devil from Charles Smith is an easy option for entertaining those with blood-sucking abilities.

  3. Owen Roe “Sinister Hand” Find

    GSM Blend
    This is a classic Rhone-inspired blend delivering Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Cinsaut (or Cinsault), but with an ominous name like “Sinister Hand” – you know there’s got to be a haunting backstory. And there is. Legend has it that back in the 17th century, two Irish families, the O’Neills and O’Reillys, decided to test their water prowess in a rowing race and it was determined that the winning team would lay claim to a particularly prized plot of land. The straightforward agreement was that whichever team touched the land first would win. Fair enough. However, when O’Neill’s boat began trailing behind, a member of the crew chopped off his hand and tossed it to shore – going to great lengths to secure the land for the O’Neills. Rumor has it the land remains in the hands of the O’Neill family today.

  4. Armida “Poizon Reserve” Find

    Poizin, dubbed the “wine to die for,” is from Dry Creek Valley where Zinfandel is a god. The wine comes complete with a creaky coffin wine box and dripping blood red wax seal, but only when ordered directly from the Armida website. Otherwise, it’s a fairly easy bottle to find at local retailers, sans box, and sans the snazzy wax seal.

  5. Alma Negra “M Blend” Find

    Malbec and Bonarda
    What does the “M” stand for? Mendoza, moon, mystery, Malbec, magic? Whatever the meaning, this mysterious red wine features a healthy blend of Bonarda and Malbec, and pours almost as inky black as the label itself. Dark fruit and black pepper spice make way for black licorice and dense layers. The M Blend label, a foreboding enigma, promises to dazzle and delight on Halloween night.

  6. Orin Swift “China Doll” Rosé Find

    Grenache and Syrah
    Have an eerie throwback to 1980’s horror films that star an evil doll who deals out mayhem and mischief. Made by Orin Swift, known for eclectic labels often rooted in history and archaeology, this particular rosé is actually a vibrant, happy blend of Grenache and Syrah.

  7. Orin Swift “Palermo” Find

    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Wrapped in a haunting image of a centuries-old skeleton clad in a ragged red cloak, this high-octane Cabernet delivers its own special treat to Halloween hosts. We suggest making it into a drinking game: take a sip every time you spot a Frozen costume.

  8. Ghost Pines Find

    Named for the willowy, free-spirited pines that border the Ghost Pines Vineyard along the eastern ridge of Napa Valley, this ethereal wine delivers Granny Smith meets Gala apples, medium-bodied, with creamy textures and an enduring finish.

  9. Apothic “Inferno” Find

    Zinfandel Blend
    The name itself sounds like a synonym for Halloween, throw in the fiery label medley and the fact that it has been aged in whiskey barrels for two months, and voilà: this wine is insane.

  10. Domaine le Clos des Fées “Les Sorcières” Find

    GSM Blend
    Combining fairies and witches in one fell swoop, this well-staged red blend from Southern France fancies ripe fruit and savory spice based on regional Syrah (50%) with significant backup provided by the supple nature of old-vine Grenache (30%). Les Sorcières, literally “the witches,” comes complete with the stenciled image of the proverbial witch on a broomstick, while the winery name itself (Clos des Fèes), references a vineyard of fabled fairies.

  11. Black Sheep Finds “Hocus Pocus” Find

    Pinot Noir
    The wine to drink while you are cleaning up. If only it were as easy as “hocus pocus!” Cheer up, buttercup, you can ease the pain of vacuuming up melted peanut butter cups, tidying up red wine spills, and going for broke over scraping up leftover costume accessories, and smashed street-side pumpkins with this easy going Pinot.

  12. Spellbound Find

    Petite Sirah
    Capturing a full moon and dark fruit character, this particular Petite Sirah enchants with a medium-body, juicy focused-fruit, and a ghostly swirl of vanilla meets mocha rounding out the mix. Well-priced at under $15 a bottle, this wine will delight costume-clad ghouls and goblins with ease.

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