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4 US Wine Trips for Adventurers


Wine travel doesn’t have to high-brow (or extremely expensive) in order for it to be awesome. Case in point: here are 4 US wine travel spots where you can find cheap hotels, cheap tastings, small communities, and a host of other activities to enjoy. Use these recommendations to inspire your own wine-cation this year… or maybe just relocate to a wine region and never leave.



This shot was captured from #SantaRosaRoad facing east. I believe the #vineyard in the foreground is part of lafondwinery. Photo by Jeremy Ball, Bottle Branding
Just outside of Lompoc is Sta Rita Hills, one of the world’s best terroirs for growing Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Chardonnay. Photo by Jeremy Ball, Bottle Branding.

Where the pros come to get their feet wet. Steven Wolfe gradually making his way into sharky waters  photo by Logan Richardson
Where the pros get their feet wet… Steven Wolfe at Surf Beach. Photo by Logan Richardson.

Lompoc Santa Barbara County, CA

Post-punk wine surfing in SoCal…

The Plan: Surf until midday and afterward you can forage for wine, burgers, and locals at the Lompoc Wine Ghetto.

Lompoc is one of the last-standing backwoods Southern California beach destinations and it happens to be right next to one of the highest rated Pinot Noir (and Chardonnay) growing regions in the world (that’d be Sta Rita Hills). By the way, a little inland of the beach you’ll find fantastic Syrah and a few hipster alt-varieties that will make your mouth water (Terret Noir or Grüner V. anyone?). Last time we hit the ‘Poc was on motorcycles–highly recommended if you’ve got an “M” endorsement.

The Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua, NY Finger Lakes Wine Country
Out of frame to the right is a bar where you can fill up your glass of wine and enjoy the Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua, NY.

Microclimate, a wine bar in Geneva that can't be missed.  Finger Lakes Wine Country
Microclimate wine bar is a must stop in Geneva. It serves wines from NY and around the world (ideal for a comparative tasting!).

Geneva Finger Lakes, NY

Shockingly cultured and yet delightfully unpretentious.

The Finger Lakes are one of the fastest up-and-coming wine regions on the East Coast. And honestly, it’s also where you’ll want to be if you’re in New York in August (imagine millions of NYC air conditioners humming and dripping on your head). The people we met who’d left the city for #FLX were some of most well-rounded folks you’ll ever meet–shockingly cultured and yet delightfully unpretentious. Also, the produce (tomatoes, cabbage, butter, buckwheat) of upstate New York simply tastes amazing.

Lava Cap Winery Vineyard in El Dorado Sierra Foothills, California
Looking out over Lava Cap Vineyards in El Dorado County. Photo by LavaCap.

El Dorado Passport Weekenders tasting Barbera in Sierra Foothills, Ca
Passport wine adventurer @tiffanymilina and pal drinking El Dorado “Bar-Bear-a.” Photo by EldoradoWines.

El Dorado Sierra Foothills, CA

Where spring breakers get their high-elevation wines…

Most travelers seem to just fly through El Dorado County on a high-speed dash towards Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada. However, if you get off the I-80 and wind your way to Pleasant Valley Road, you’ll discover amazing high mountain meadows planted with more than 50 different wine varieties. There’s a particular focus on Northern Rhône varieties including Grenache and Syrah and a few other highlights include Barbera, Zinfandel, and Petite Sirah. The region has an annual event around spring break called Passport Wine Adventures which makes for an amazing combination of wine aficionados and Cal-state students…it’s awesome.

Columbia Gorge Wine Country Adventure
The view looking into the Gorge from the Oregon side. Thanks, PDX Trailers for capturing this moment.

King Bolete found in Columbia Gorge AVA
Hood Crest winery got a very special delivery around harvest. Thanks for sharing your Boletus “maximus” Hood Crest, now my mouth is watering!

Columbia Gorge Washington/Oregon Border

OMG, did you see that King Bolete!?

If you own a bike, like to do yoga, enjoy meditation in nature, or call yourself a mycologist (omg, did you see that King Bolete!?) this is your wine travel dream come true. Even though there are only a handful of pioneering wineries in the area (and breweries too!), this place has some of the most invigorating outdoors activities you’ll find anywhere including serious road and mountain bike cycling, kite surfing, epic hikes with stunning scenery, and loads of fishing. In terms of wines, we’ve been repeatedly impressed by the Rhône Varieties (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre) as well as white wines from the Klickitat river area.

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