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8 Details About Wine That Will Cultivate You

Wine is the classiest beverage in the world. Here are 8 details about wine that will surprise and cultivate your knowledge.

Cleopatra’s favorite wine was Muscat of Alexandria, a rich sweet wine from Greece

300 years ago, the most coveted wine was called Tokaji (“toe-kye”) Aszú (“ah-sue”). It was rich and sweet like maple syrup.

John F. Kennedy (or was it Jackie?) drank white Bordeaux at the White House

Wine grapes (vitis vinifera) originated in the ancient region of Caucasus

a wine grape is about 2 times smaller than a regular grape.

A bottle of wine is enough to make 2–3 people really happy
…and one person really drunk.

A bottle of wine is made from 1.65 lbs (.75 kg) of grapes.

France makes the most wine, but Spain has the most vineyards.

There are more unique wine grape varieties in Portugal than the entire United States!


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