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8 Awkward Truths About Being a Wine Connoisseur

Being a wine connoisseur in this day and age is better than it’s ever been before: wine is higher quality and there are more choices than ever. Despite this, there are some painfully true facts about being a wine connoisseur that can’t help but make us laugh.

8 Awkward Truths About Being a Wine Connoisseur

Your knowledge about wine and how you communicate it with others

4 varying wine glass levels depict a wine connoisseur including optimism, preservation, concern and all out panic

Health benefits of wine compared to scientifically proven health benefits

your opinion of wine over time as you drink a bottle

The difference between wines you'll drink in a supermarket and how many are actually there

how a wine connoisseur views different types of wine glasses

As the price of wine increases so does your opinion of it.. to a point

What wines were available in the 1950s compared to today

wine hangover character, a comic of regret

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This comic style was inspired by Kind of Normal, which is awesome.

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