Burgundy Wine Statistics [infographic]

Burgundy Wine Statistics Infographic

Get the dish on Burgundy wine statistics.

  • How much wine is used to promote Burgundy
  • What kinds of wine are people buying from Burgundy
  • Who is spending the most money on Burgundy wine
  • Where are the fastest growing markets who are buying Burgundy wine
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Burgundy Wine Information Statistics Infographic
Burgundy Wine Information Statistics Infographic

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What’s Up Burgundy

The total production of Burgundy is predominantly white wine, which is a shocker as its the birthplace of pinot noir.
Burgundy gave away, as samples, over 5 million bottles of wine, a total of about 3% of the total sold in 2011 (Where’s my bottle!).
Despite how small the region of Burgundy is, wine production really is still bigger than Napa Valley.

Hospices de Beaune 2011 Press Conference (pdf)

Wine Map of Burgundy

Wine Map of Burgundy

Explore the many appellations of the Burgundy wine region in France.

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