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A Poster Shows What’s Inside Famous Wine Blends

The original infographic on wine blends was so well-appreciated, we’ve created a lithograph quality poster for all.

Famous Wine Blends Poster Chart

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Famous Wine Blends of the World

For Those of Us Who Don’t Have a Memory Like a Steel Trap

No doubt you’ve heard this story before: a friend or acquaintance travels to France, and comes back talking about how every wine they drank was delicious. Well, what were they drinking? Nobody can remember.

This memory gap doesn’t just happen to travel enthusiasts, it happens to experts too! On a trip to Rioja, I traveled with the Consejo who gave us complete access to wineries and information including maps, articles and wine statistics. Still, when it came to really knowing all the major grapes of Rioja, I found myself constantly referring to notes buried deep in my iPad. Having a visual way to reference the knowledge was a really useful way to learn.

Seeing is Understanding.

Get Comfortable with Nineteen Influential Wine Blends

These blends were selected because of their renown and influence on what we drink today. For instance, knowing what’s in Red Bordeaux explains why many American wineries often call their red wine blends Bordeaux style. As you continue to explore new wine blends, you might be surprised to find that most New World regions follow the recipes from the Old World.

Wine Blends Keep Rare Wine Grapes Alive

Countries of the Old World, like France, Italy and Spain have long mastered the art of wine blending. This is because of the amazing diversity of unique wine grapes found in Europe. While these countries are the origin of the most popular wine grapes of the world, it’s important to understand that the lesser-known grapes found in these wine blends add complexity, balance and structure to a wine.

Get to know what’s inside your favorite wine blends

Here are some interesting facts from the poster:

  • The most well-known blends are from the 3 largest wine countries: France, Italy and Spain.
  • Syrah is the only wine variety to appear in 5 of the wine blends.
  • 3 wines are made with a blend of both red and white grapes.
  • All of the white wines shown come in a dry style.
  • There is only one official American wine blend.
  • Many common wine blends contain one or several rare and unique grape varieties.

If you’d like to read more about these blends, see the original Article on Wine Blends that inspired this design.

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