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What Type of (Wine) Personality Do You Have?

Written by Chelsea Roberts

If you don’t know your Meyer-Briggs personality type, then you have never gone on a company bonding retreat or had a friend who has a habit of judging things based on four letters (INFJ, anyone?). The Merril-Reid personality test isn’t as popular (Expressive, Driver, Analytical, Amiable) but it’s more telling when it comes to relationships. And since everything can be related back to wine (obviously), we can learn about ourselves and how we interact with others… through drinking!

“…you’ll be surprised at how your personality
influences your taste in wine”

How credible is this advice? After reading How to Win Friends and Influence People and attending a couple of relationship courses in college, we feel overly qualified to give unsolicited, free, errorless, life advice (you’re welcome?). Regardless of our life-advice-giving credentials, we’ve found that wine has a way of weaving its way into many aspects of our personality. So, let’s use this to our advantage.

What type of personality do you have?

4 different personality types driver, amiable, expressive, analytical and wine



A driver is an independent leader who can take charge of any situation with determination and confidence. They are decisive, independent and pragmatic with their choices.

  • Your best qualities: Independent, decisive and pragmatic
  • Your worst qualities: You can’t get everything done on your own whether you like it or not! At some point, you will need help and support from others. Relax, life is usually a bit more messy than your genius plans.
  • The perfect wine for a driver-type: The Driver needs a “cocktail wine”… a wine that stands on its own. A wine with a distinct beginning, middle and end. If you choose a red wine, it needs to have tannin and a strong flavor profile that persists. If you drink white wine, it should be clean and focused (Chablis? Albariño anyone?) – something that’s lean, with high acidity.
  • A must-try wine: Touriga Nacional With bold black fruit flavors, complex tannin structure and heady aromas of violets, this wine unapologetically stands on its own,–just like you.



You’re a sweet gal or guy-next-door. People love your easygoing, friendly disposition.

  • Your best qualities: Compassionate, patient and caring
  • Your worst qualities: You get so caught up helping others that you forget to take care of your own needs. Remember to set boundaries so you don’t get walked on and get comfortable asking for what you need.
  • The perfect wine for a amiable-type: An Amiable wants a wine that works well with everything – a wine that is easy to drink. You love food wines and wines with a smooth finish (maybe a red without too much tannin). You’re likely to go for familiar, comfortable varietals like Merlot and Pinot Gris because they’re reliable, steadfast and friendly – just like you are.
  • A must-try wine: Bobal from Spain. This underrated wine is a bouquet of blueberries and violets with a soft finish that will make you smile.



You’re the effusive, high-energy, explosive type that is non-stop fun.

  • Your best qualities: Outgoing, entertaining and creative
  • Your worst qualities: You’re always going a little too fast and it gets you into trouble! It’s okay if you have to wait, be patient, and listen to others. Remember to think first before you jump!
  • The perfect wine for a expressive-type: An Expressive is always in the moment, and needs a wine that is big enough to knock them off their feet. The wine can be fleeting if it has a “pow!” – and for this reason Expressives love sparkling wines and fruity high-acidity reds and whites like Grenache, Grüner Veltliner and Zinfandel.
  • A must-try wine: Schiava This wine is like strawberries, raspberries and cotton candy exploding on your tongue. You will not regret this purchase…come to think of it, you don’t regret a lot of things!



Thoughtful and process-oriented, everyone wants an Analytical on their side.

  • Your best qualities: Considerate, detail-oriented and logical
  • Your worst qualities: Some things can’t be rationalized. Love and attraction are often two of those things. Trust your instincts over the facts sometimes, and don’t be too prudent in decision-making to take a risk!
  • The perfect wine for an analytical-type: An Analytical has the capacity to appreciate wine steeped in tradition. They like wine that has pure, focused flavors that are subtle in their complexity from Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc to dry Provence Rosé.
  • A must-try wine: Cru Beaujolais This wine has the reputation to be a party wine, but it’s not. It’s subtle with blueberries, black currant, potting soil, iris and peony–fruity, floral, earthy and complex. It is certainly a thinking-person’s wine.

Drinking Well With Others

Personality matched wines
Now that you know more about how your personality influences your wine preferences, we want to share some suggestions on what to drink when you are with a different personality type. Since opposites often attract, here are some tips on what bottle to split with your SO or BFF.

Driver + Expressive = Rhone Blend: The GSM/Rhône blend has the structure and tannin from Monastrell and all the expressive explosiveness of Grenache and Syrah.

Driver + Analytical = New World Pinot Noir: New world as in United States, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Argentina! These wines are filled with intensity that is bold enough for a Driver but still complex enough to challenge an Analytical.

Amiable + Driver = Bordeaux Blend: Cabernet has the structure desired by the Driver with the warmth and roundness of Merlot for an Amiable. Whee!

Amiable + Expressive = Cremant: Cremant is French sparkling wine! playful enough for the Expressive and classic enough for the Amiable.

Amiable + Analytical = Rosé: pink is friendly, but rosé is nuanced.

Expressive + Analytical = French Syrah: Syrah is bold enough for the Expressive but French Syrah will undoubtably give an Analytical a mentally stimulating experience.

No doubt this little article just solved all of your life’s struggles (Or at least gave you a laugh and an idea of what wine to get tonight…). Salut!

Written byChelsea Roberts

I'm an old soul with a passion for travel, writing and napping. I like my wine to be bubbly and my pajamas to be matching. I'd love to chat @ceroberts2015

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