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8 Hints That You Might Have a Wine (buying) Problem

There’s a moment when you crest the hill from being a wine enthusiast to being a wine collector. This happens when you have more wine in your house than you can drink in a single evening. If this is you, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for having the forethought to equip ‘future you’ with good wine.

Sadly, this healthy habit could slowly turn you into a wine buying freak. Here are 8 indicators of someone with a wine buying obsession.
wine enthusiast rheostat

You Might Have a Wine (buying) Problem

1. Your wine rack is full and it stresses you out.


2. Other things just don’t do it for you anymore.


3. Dinner plans are no longer about food.


4. You still think that your wine collection is lacking.


5. You’d rather not talk about your monthly wine budget.

Your monthly wine budget

6. You wig out during a heat wave.

wine taking over your garage

7. You have a strong bond with the person who supplies your wine.

better friends with the wine guy

8. After reading this you’ve completely rationalized your next purchase.


wine hangover character, a comic of regret

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Inspiration Sources
This comic set was inspired by an article by Neal from WineWankers. The design style was inspired by the comic geniuses at Kind of Normal.

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