Press Update: Wine Descriptor Poster

For those of you who’ve purchased our wine posters in the past, here’s a sneak peek at our most recent design going to press. If you’ve ordered one, they are only a few days away from shipment!

Press Check!

Being present at the press check is very important to make sure the color, quality and all the content in the poster is perfect. See this poster as it comes to life.

Madeline finalizes Wine Descriptions poster


Inspecting the UV coating and paper at the press check

Wine Descriptions Poster Press Check


The Wine Descriptions Chart

This poster is designed to decode all the quirky language that wine writers use to talk about a wine. From the hilarious, “Cat’s Pee”, to the more bizarre term “Cliff-Edge”, find out what the most common wine words really mean.

Unlock Rhône Valley Secrets

Unlock Rhône Valley Secrets

Discover the wines and regions of France's Rhône Valley wine region.

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The press operator shows us the color correction guide


A Heidelberg press

Heidelberg press for offset printing in Seattle, WA

Press in operation (slow-mo then regular speed)

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Wine and Cheese Pairings

Wine and Cheese Pairings

Our favorite wine and cheese pairing recommendations on a beautiful print.

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