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Cool-Assed Wine People to Follow on Instagram

Written by Chelsea Roberts

Immerse yourself in wine by finding and following the people who are currently splashing around in the stuff (on a daily basis). We thought we’d share some of our favorite wine people to follow on Instagram:

Cool-Assed Wine People to Follow on Instagram

Matt Wilson
A photographer who manages to capture the exuberance and excitement of the wine industry in his work. His portraits of wine people lack the stuffiness and pretension of that holding-a-glass-of-wine-while-sticking-your-nose-in-it look. You will be gawking in awe and thinking about how you’d like to have wine dumped over your head–at some point in your life.

Andre Ribeirinho
Lisbon, Portugal
Andre Ribeirinho holds the title of Chief Wine Evangelist at Addega. When he’s not at the job, he is pursuing his passions of food, travel and wine (of course!) and sharing his adventures with his lucky Instagram followers. When you look at his photos, you will love Andre’s attention to detail and the way he can capture a moment.

Photo by Geoff Kruth
Geoff Kruth is a Master Sommelier who documents the faces of the wine industry with stunning film noir inspired black and white photos. You’ll travel around the world as he documents the food, smiles, and crazy expressions of the tiny circle of people who’ve devoted their life to wine.

Mary Cressler
Portland, Oregon
Mary skillfully balances running a successful company, Vindulge, writing about wine and food, and being the mom to two ADORABLE twins. Mary’s Instagram is equally well-balanced: showing gorgeous photos of wine, mouth-watering photos of food and pictures of her beautiful family. You simply cannot look at Mary’s Instagram without getting a huge smile on your face.

André Hueston Mack
Brooklyn, NY
André Hueston Mack is a sommelier/designer/winemaker/street-artist who does even the smallest of things in a big way. You will delight in how André completely avoids the “wine snob” question by just living the alternative… and it’s awesome.

Eric Carucci
Santa Barbara, CA
Eric Carucci and his wife, both self-taught winemakers, became a Wine Folly favorite when we heard his interview on Grape Radio. You can’t help but root for these two, who have dedicated themselves to pursuing their dream of making wine. On their Instagram, you’ll get a special look into Carucci Wines. Follow them to get some inspiration and support these awesome winemakers.

Joslyn Baker
San Francisco, CA
A commercial photographer by trade with a serious passion for food and wine, Joslyn Baker explores San Francisco through a rainbow of lenses. Joslyn finds artistic beauty in things that might be otherwise overlooked. Everyday objects become experiential forms of art.

Winery Explorers
Los Angeles, CA
Adorable husband and wife duo, David and Tonya, created their site “Winery Explorers” to share their love of wine and travel. On Instagram, the pair post pictures of the places they’re going, the wine they’re drinking and the cute shenanigans their kids are getting into. You must follow this family who has dedicated themselves to following their dream of exploring wineries all over. The Instagram is as inspirational as it is sweet.

A self-proclaimed “non-certified wine gob” (which, by her explanation is a cross between snob and geek), Winnie is a bottle shot whore. Her Instagram, which accompanies her blog called Wines Actually, is loaded with all the wines she’s drinking and what she is pairing with them. We are thankful someone is out there tasting everything, all the time.

While you’re at it, follow us too

Madeline Puckette
Seattle, WA
Madeline Puckette documents behind-the-scenes happenings at Wine Folly. Madeline produces the illustrations, infographics and wine content and never seems to stop doing interesting wine-related things. From tastings to trips into fascinating wine regions she ruthlessly photographs, posts and comments on everything.

Written byChelsea Roberts

I'm an old soul with a passion for travel, writing and napping. I like my wine to be bubbly and my pajamas to be matching. I'd love to chat @ceroberts2015

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