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Are You Pinot Noir or Zin? The Wine Personality Matcher

Written by Madeline Puckette

Are you more like zinfandel or pinot noir? See the 16 personality types in the Wine Personality Matcher (based on Myers-Briggs). What is the wine variety that fits your personality to a tee?

Are You an Extrovert?

famous extroverts and their respective wine varietal

Flexible, Tolerant & Pragmatic

You are Malbec

You are flexible and can handle just about anything that comes your way. You like immediate solutions to real problems and you solve them energetically. You have an uncanny ability to perceive others feelings. Your focus is on the now; theories and conceptual ideas bore you. You are spontaneous and enjoy the people around you moment to moment. You’re learning style: you have to do it to know it.
(based on Myers-Briggs ESTP)

Outgoing, Exuberant & Accepting

You are Zinfandel

You are outgoing and friendly. In fact you are exuberant in your love for life, material things and people. You love to work with others and see things very realistically. Work should be fun otherwise you won’t do it. You are spontaneous and adapt to new situations fast. You love to learn things in groups.
(based on Myers-Briggs ESFP)

Warm, Imaginative & Loves to be Appreciated

You are Carmenere

You are very imaginative and you see life as being full of possibility. You love to appreciate and support others as long as you get it in return. You are a bit spontaneous and rely on your verbal fluency to get you where you need to go. You are an improvisor.
(based on Myers-Briggs ENFP)

Outspoken, Resourceful & Good at Reading Others

You are Sangiovese

You are the outspoken one in the room, but your alertness makes you pay attention and read others well. You’re bored with routine and seldom do things the same way each time. You’re resourceful and solve things by generating a slew of conceptual possibilities. You tend to burn through things quickly, developing new interests fast.
(based on Myers-Briggs ENTP)

Realistic, Decisive & Organized

You are Tempranillo

Your matter-of-fact and realistic approach to life helps you move quickly to make decisions. You’re an organizer and often good in a managerial position. You like routine and logic. You are very systematic in your approach to things and hate it when people throw you for a loop.
(based on Myers-Briggs ESTJ)

Cooperative, Conscientious & Loyal

You are Grenache

You are a sweetheart. Warmhearted and cooperative you want harmony around you. You love to work with others to complete things on time and you’re loyal, even when it’s a small deal. You love to find out what makes people tick and you love help others with their day-to-day lives. You really want to be appreciated for you are and how you contribute to your sphere.
(based on Myers-Briggs ESFJ)

Empathetic, Responsible & Helper-at-heart

You are Merlot

You are the responsible one. You pay attention to other people’s needs, emotions and motives and you act as a catalyst to get things done. You’re social, almost a facilitator, in a group situation. You are a leader, but you do it by finding potential in the people around you.
(based on Myers-Briggs ENFJ)

Decisive, Systematic & a Leader

You are Nebbiolo

You are a natural leader. You solve problems very decisively (and sometimes a bit frankly) with a goal to improve logical efficiency. You are an idea person, you can build comprehensive systems that solve complex organizational problems. Long-term planning and goal setting are keywords for you. You’re well read, well informed and you enjoy passing your great wealth of knowledge to others… even if you are a bit forceful in communicating.
(based on Myers-Briggs ENTJ)


Are You an Introvert?

famous introverts and their respective wine varietal

Quiet, Serious & Logically Working Towards Goals

You are Barbera

You’re a quiet serious type that’s very dependable and thorough; you don’t get distracted easily. You’re matter-of-fact approach helps you make logical decisions and keep everything nicely buttoned up. You are quite fond of traditions and order – at home, at work, and in life.
(based on Myers-Briggs ISTJ)

Quiet, Friendly & Loyal

You are Petit Verdot

You’re a friendly and conscientious person even if people don’t notice you at first. In fact, you make sure everything you do is painstakingly accurate. You respect the small group of people in your life by remembering – with great detail– what’s important to them. You want to make harmony in the world around you.
(based on Myers-Briggs ISFJ)

Insightful, Conscientious & Visionary

You are Syrah

You make connections to ideas and their relationships to people and the world. You like to understand what makes people tick and you’re highly insightful about others. You are committed to a firm set of personal values which helps to proceed in all of life’s decisions. You are organized and decisive in implementing your ideas.
(based on Myers-Briggs INFJ)

Driven, Independent & Holds High Standards

You are Cabernet Sauvignon

You quickly see the patterns that make the world turn and you have the ability to make big things happen. This kind of ‘big picture’ thinking is an obsession of yours. When you’re motivated, you can organize and carry out very complex jobs, visionary ideas. Because of you challenge yourself so hard, you also hold very high standards for others in your sphere. Despite all these understandings, you don’t have a large group of close friends, because most people annoy you.
(based on Myers-Briggs INTJ)

Tolerant, Flexible & The Quiet Observer

You are Mourvedre

You are a quiet observer until a problem arises and then you come out of your shell, acting quickly to find realistic solutions. You have an uncanny ability to analyze large complex structures of data and isolate what it all means. You are deeply interested in cause and effect; always looking at facts and logical principles to solve a problem. Because you are so interested in seeing how things happen, you aren’t terribly interested in being the catalyst that makes things happen.
(based on Myers-Briggs ISTP)

Sensitive, Friendly & in the Moment

You are Gamay

You’re a friendly quiet person who’s very sensitive to what’s going on around them. You are like a barometer for stress in a room and it makes you very uncomfortable around weird or unplanned situations. You are a diehard loyal friend and have a strong set of internal values. You hate conflict so much that you’ll never force your opinions on others.
(based on Myers-Briggs ISFP)

Idealistic, Loyal & an Understander

You are Cabernet Franc

You know you’re a bit idealistic but this fact propels you forward to make your world amazing. You’re deeply curious about the environment around you and you are expert at implementing ideas that solve bigger picture problems. You are often the person who sees the potential in other people. You adapt quickly to nearly every scenario unless it goes against your core values; which is infuriating.
(based on Myers-Briggs INFP)

Focused, Skeptical & an Abstract Thinker

You are Pinot Noir

Most things bore you, but when they catch your interest you quickly develop logical explanations to why they work. You love theories and abstract ideas more than you like to socialize. You are quiet and contained even if you are a bit critical to the people around you. You’re a text book example of a skeptic. You are very analytical when it comes to solving problems.
(based on Myers-Briggs INTP)

Personality types are based on Myers Briggs traits see

Written byMadeline Puckette

James Beard Award-winning author and Wine Communicator of the Year. I co-founded Wine Folly to help people learn about wine. @WineFolly

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