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Wine Folly is a collaborative effort and it’s thanks to these amazing contributors that we are able to continually release quality content on the site.

  • Madeline Puckette

    James Beard award winning author and Wine Communicator of the Year. I co-founded Wine Folly to help people learn about wine. @WineFolly

    749 Articles

  • Justin Hammack

    When I'm not drinking wine, I'm also.. a rails developer, vegetarian foodie, coffee addict, casual gamer, lover of cult movies, driver of insane turbo-2.0L ... in Seattle.

    23 Articles

  • Vincent Rendoni

    I'm a spicy meatball who loves light-bodied reds, aromatic whites, video games, and for better or worse, Seattle sports teams. I was a huge fan of Wine Folly before being hired, so I guess you could say I'm living the dream.

    19 Articles

  • Chad Wasser

    I live in Seattle, where I touch really fragile things with kid gloves for a living.

    14 Articles

  • Kanchan Schindlauer

    I'm a certified wine geek, constantly discovering new facets in the joy of wine. And to think, it was under my nose this whole time!

    12 Articles

  • Hilarie Larson

    I love talking, writing, reading, learning, and teaching, about wine. I adore vino so much I even married a winemaker. That’s dedication. Find out more about me.

    8 Articles

  • Stacy Slinkard

    After a six year stint in the brewing industry, Stacy realized her palate preferred grapes over grains. Today, she is a wine writer, educator and sommelier.

    7 Articles

  • Haley Mercedes

    I got a tattoo of grapes during veraison… does that make me a wine geek? Possibly. WSET diploma seeker @haley.mercedes

    5 Articles

  • Madeline Blasberg

    Madeline Blasberg is a American writer living and working in the wine trade in Argentina and France. Visit her site

    5 Articles

  • Jackson Rohrbaugh

    Jackson is a Sommelier at Canlis in Seattle, WA who enjoys introducing people to new wines, beers and spirits. He loves to share the stories and passion that go into the production of great drinks. @jacksonwr

    5 Articles

  • Morgan Harris

    Morgan Harris is a New York City based sommelier. He believes wine is a great way to connect people to each other and to the planet.

    3 Articles

  • Katie Eigel

    Katie is a self-proclaimed #WineGeekInTraining who spends her days writing for various wine publications. Follow her sips and tips on @eieigel

    3 Articles

  • Chelsea Roberts

    I'm an old soul with a passion for travel, writing and napping. I like my wine to be bubbly and my pajamas to be matching. I'd love to chat @ceroberts2015

    3 Articles

  • Lindsay Pomeroy

    Lindsay is a seasoned wine educator, thirsty consumer, and humble MW student seeking to unmask the complexity of this elusive, ever-changing, evolving beverage one drink at a time. @winesmarties

    3 Articles

  • Courtney Schiessl

    Courtney is a Brooklyn-based sommelier, wine writer, and consultant. She is most likely to be seen dreaming of her next international adventure over a glass of bubbly. @takeittocourt

    3 Articles

  • Stephen Curtis

    Stephen Curtis can be described as a Web Developer, Wine Geek, Chinese Linguist, Gamer and Foodie. He grew up in Amador County wine country where his family had a vineyard and taught him to cook as a proper chef. curtismode.com

    3 Articles

  • Stephen Reiss

    Stephen Reiss Ph.D., C.W.E. is as exuberant about wine as he is a skeptic. He is often found testing conventional wine wisdom. Find him on LinkedIn

    2 Articles

  • Kate Soto

    I am a wine writer from Los Angeles with a weakness for Pinot Noir, fiction, and enchiladas.

    2 Articles

  • Amber Gibson

    I'm a travel, food and wine journalist and my motto is #champagneallday. Find me out there in the world.

    2 Articles

  • Andrea Bulfone

    A wine enthusiast from Italy, with a WSET certification from Austria, who is now living in Singapore where he masters the art of spotting good, affordable wine.

    2 Articles

  • Adam Montefiore

    In the land of creation, where Tel Avivians play and Jerusalemites pray, I taste, write, read and talk about wine.

    1 Articles

  • Amanda Barnes

    A British nomad and member of Circle of Wine Writers. I'm in constant motion traveling the world in search of amazing wine stories. @amanda_tweeter

    1 Articles

  • Zachary Geballe

    Zach Geballe is a writer, sommelier, teacher, and most of all a wine lover. You can find him at www.vinetrainings.com

    1 Articles

  • Ashley Sara Dekam

    Growing up in the world of gourmet food and wine, I learned to channel my creative energy into crafting in the kitchen. The kitchen and the vineyard became my canvas. craving4more.com

    1 Articles

  • Dr. Andrew Waterhouse

    Dr. Waterhouse is a Chemist and Professor of Enology at UC Davis who studies phenolic compounds and how they effect wine taste and human health.

    1 Articles

  • Renata Mytnikova

    I help my family-run Cognac cellar in Slovakia. My work is to create The Alphabetical Encyclopedia of Cognac while enjoying all kinds of wines as my favorite hobby.

    1 Articles

  • Alexandra Kuderski

    I love traveling, talking and writing about wine. I am a freelance journalist in Lyon, France. @AlexKuderski

    1 Articles

  • Bryan Maletis

    Bryan is the cofounder of fatcork.com a direct import-to-retail site for grower Champagne. Bryan finds it hard to not drink his own product.

    1 Articles

  • Brian McClintic

    Brian McClintic, Master Sommelier and star of SOMM (2013), is on a passionate journey to discover special wines from special places at Viticole Wine.

    1 Articles

  • Zachary Sussman

    Zachary Sussman is a Brooklyn-based wine writer. His work appears in various national outlets, including Wine & Spirits, Bon Appétit online, Tasting Table, Fodors.com, Grape Collective, Serious Eats, and Publix Grape magazine, among others.

    1 Articles

  • Anthony Pieri

    Three parts wine geek, two parts adventurer, with half-part drone pilot. It all began with a non-descript bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir, then JM poured me a glass of Leroy Richebourg.

    1 Articles

  • Dr Matthew Horkey & Charine Tan from Exotic Wine Travel

    Full-time wine explorers of the lesser-known wine regions at exoticwinetravel.com. Authors of the book Uncorking the Caucasus: Wines from Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia.

    1 Articles

  • Igor Sill

    I’m living my dream farming a hillside Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in St. Helena and a mountain vineyard on Atlas Peak. Find me pursuing my passion for perfection as a winemaker at Sill Family Vineyards

    1 Articles

  • Lori Budd

    Living the dream by pursuing my passion for wine. Owner of Dracaena Wines in Paso Robles, CA. @dracaenawines

    1 Articles

  • Julien Fayard

    I'm a consulting winemaker who brings a little French finesse to California wines. But if you ask me, surfing the Pacific Ocean will teach you more about finesse than working a decade in Bordeaux at top Châteaux. fayardwines.com

    1 Articles

  • Jake Pippin

    Tasting my way through NYC, Chile and the rest of the world one day and one glass at a time. @jakepip

    1 Articles

  • Carrie Wynkoop

    I love Oregon. And I love wine. That's why I created Cellar 503, an Oregon wine club -- to share fabulous wines from artisanal Oregon winemakers and tell their inspiring stories.

    1 Articles

  • Rina Bussell

    I love to stick my nose into wine glasses, wine books, and other people’s business…that is, if they want to learn more about wine. CMS Advanced Sommelier and ISG Diploma holder.

    1 Articles

  • Athena Bochanis

    New Yorker with a Budapest spirit. All about that Hungarian wine. @palinkerie

    1 Articles

  • Valerie Kathawala

    I'm an NYC-based wine writer drinking her way through Austria, Germany, and Italy. @valkatnyc

    1 Articles

  • Camille Berry

    A wine writer, sommelier and worshipper of the vine from California's sun-soaked shores.

    1 Articles

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