• Grape
  • pie-yeese

The Chilean name for the Spanish grape, Listán Prieto. It’s been used mostly for bulk rosé until recently, where quality-minded, natural winemakers are launching tart, high-tannin reds made from País old vines.

Primary Flavors

  • Cherry

  • Grape

  • Anise

  • Cured Meat

  • Sage

Taste Profile

  • Bone-Dry
  • Medium Body
  • Medium-High Tannin
  • Medium-Low Acidity
  • 11.5–13.5% ABV


  • Serving Temp Cellar
    55–60°F / 13–16°C
  • Glass TypeUniversal
  • Decant 30 Minutes
  • Ageability1-3 years
  • Avg Price $17.00

Food Pairing

Go Mediterranean. Spanish tapas, Greek meze, fatty fish, duck, chicken or goose, as well as mushrooms or simple grilled vegetable dishes.

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