Palomino Fino

  • Grape
  • pal-oh-mee-no fee-no

Palomino is the prized pony in the sherry triangle; most notably Jerez, where it grows on chalky soils called albariza (al-bah-ree-tha,) and is used in making Sherry. A few still, dry, single-varietal wines exist and expound saltiness.

Primary Flavors

  • Lemon

  • Jackfruit

  • Almond

  • Saline

  • Mushroom

Taste Profile

  • Bone-Dry
  • Light Body
  • Low/None Tannin
  • Medium-High Acidity
  • 10–11.5% ABV


  • Serving Temp Cold
    45–55°F / 7–13°C
  • Glass TypeWhite
  • Decant No
  • Ageability5-10 years
  • Avg Price $20.00

Food Pairing

Fino style sherries will behave as white wines do when it comes to pairing, while oloroso styles function closer to red wines. Amontillado styles vary, let salinity and weight be the guide.

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