Pedro Ximénez

  • Grape
  • pedro hem-meen-nez

The Andalucían grapes responsible for some of the world’s sweetest fortified wines are often dried in the sun to further concentrate the sugars. PX sherry on your pancakes, anyone?

Primary Flavors

  • Toffee

  • Fig

  • Walnut

  • Lemon

  • Coffee

Taste Profile

  • Very-Sweet
  • Full Body
  • Low/None Tannin
  • Medium-Low Acidity
  • Under 10% ABV


  • Serving Temp Cellar
    55–60°F / 13–16°C
  • Glass TypeDessert
  • Decant No
  • Ageability10+ years
  • Avg Price $15.00

Food Pairing

We weren't kidding when we said pancake syrup! As well, PX drizzled on a fresh fruit salad would be amazing.

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