• Grape
  • kat-se-telly

A popular dry white wine in Eastern Europe all the way to Georgia where producers use ancient winemaking techniques to produce intensely flavored oxidative wines.

Light-Bodied White

Primary Flavors

  • Pineapple

  • Lime

  • Resin

  • Tarragon

  • Fennel

Taste Profile

  • Body: Light
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Tannin: Low/None
  • Acidity: High
  • Alcohol: 11.5–13.5% ABV


  • Serving Temp Ice-Cold (38–45°F)
  • Glass TypeWhite
  • Decant No
  • Ageability3-5 years
  • Avg Price $15.00

Food Pairing

Rkatsitelli pairs excellently with Lebanese, Turkish, Iranian and even Indian cuisines including spiced meats, aromatic rice, lentils, bean dip, and smoked eggplant.

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