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Complete Wine 101 Guide by Wine Folly | 2018
Wine is a process of learning that can take a lifetime. That said, we all need to start somewhere!

What’s Included

Your first instalment features our 21-page wine 101 guide. Learn the core fundamentals of wine along with tasting techniques you can put to use. Get wine style recommendations to train your palate!

  • Chapter 1: What Really is Wine?
  • Chapter 2: The 9 Styles of Wine
  • Chapter 3: Top 10 Types of Wines
  • Chapter 4: How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate
  • Chapter 5: Wine Serving & Storing Tips
  • Chapter 6: Food and Wine Pairing Basics
  • Chapter 7: Wine Regions of the World
  • Chapter 8: Going Deeper: Soil Types & Wine

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New York Times Bestseller

New York Times Bestseller

Get the introductory visual guide to wine.

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