The New Sekt Wine Is Here!

What’s Sekt? It’s the term used for sparkling wines in Germany and Austria. And, it just might have the potential to roust France’s stronghold on bubbly.

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The Mosel Valley Wine Guide

Choose wines with skill from the Mosel Valley and learn why this region has been considered the best place for Riesling in the world.

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Guide to German White Wine

If you are one of the few who cherish white wines as much as red wines, Germany is a wine region that’s easy to become obsessed with. Here is an introduction to Germany’s top white wines as well as some essential knowledge to help you find great German white wine.

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Understanding German Riesling by the Label

To understand German Riesling it’s helpful to know the two primary facets that define this wine: the origin of the wine and the quality/sweetness level. Fortunately, the Germans have done a great job organizing these 2 aspects

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Germany + Pinot = Super Delicious

A taste of the “other” grapes in Germany including Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. The “Burgunder” grapes–as they call them,– offer spice, fruit and richness similar to their neighbors…

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